Friday, January 17, 2020

How to speak German Faster

How to speak German Faster

German as a foreign language!

learn german faster

In order to speak fluent German, you need to practice it

sincerely and seriously.

German is an easy language to learn because it has:
  • No tones, as there are in Chinese or Thai
  • No liaisons between words, as there are in French
  • Many of the same letters as English, unlike Japanese or Korean
  • No post position or preposition suffixes, like in Hungarian or Turkish
  • No strings of difficult-to-pronounce consonants like in Czech.
  • On top of that, many parts of German grammar are the same as English since they are both part of    the Germanic family of languages.

Here are some reasons for learning German that could be your Big Why:
  • To have conversations with German speaking family members
  • To find a job in a German company (Germany is one of the biggest economies in the world)
  • To speak with natives as you travel in the heart of Europe
  • To read the classics of German literature (think Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,
  • Herman Hesse and Franz Kafka)
  • To get an inside view of German culture

method for memorizing vocabulary and phrases. It is probably the most effective hack you can use to pick up new vocabulary.

Like most languages, German uses a set of call and response phrases that I call conversational connectors. These are crucial to everyday conversations, but they aren’t usually found in phrasebooks.

Conversational connectors are extremely helpful because you can use them in a variety of situations such as agreeing with someone, sharing your opinion, or changing the subject.

To improve your German quickly, you must speak from the very first day you start learning German.

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