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How to Prepare for Goethe Exams

How to Prepare for Goethe Exams Firstly, one needs to be energetic, dedicated and highly motivated in order to pass the Goethe Exam at any level. Only doing practice just before the exams will not going to help you anymore. You need regular practice of 15 minutes (A1-B1 Level). But, if you don't do this , than you may face difficulty during the exam and must be under pressure. Secondly, always do witting practice. Learn and Write. It's very important to learn and write the sentences. if you have a group of friends , speak with them the new words that you have learnt Thirdly, improve vocabulary from day one. Learn Nouns with Article and more verbs. For beginners its necessary to learn more verbs, like: haben, sein, spielen, trinken,essen etc. Daily Listening skills practice can do wonder for you. Listening skills requires regular practice for all the Levels. Doesn't matter what Level you are doing. Listening skills is an essential component of Goethe Exam.

Accomodation in Germany

                Accomodation in Germany       Looking for a stay in Germany!! (Aufenthalt) The following websites will help you in finding a suitable Accomodation for you . Vacation Apartments Hostelworld Jugendherberge  WG Berlin