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                             LEARN GERMAN ONLINE

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Learning Online a language is very effective. It is useful for those who don't have much time due to their busy schedule. Being a German Language Expert I would inform you about the benefits of learning Online German Language. However, it is same for other languages or other subjects also except few exceptional cases.

Online learning provides many benefits to the Learners:

1  learn anywhere anytime. There is no time bar. One can easily fix up an appointment with the Teacher and start learning.

2. Save Time & Money. One can save time and money by avoiding commuting to the language School. This time can be utilized in other activities also. There are many Mobile Apps and Software. Duolingo is one of the best Apps for learning a  foreign language. Its Desktop version is better than Mobile one.

3. Individual or Group Learning. Online Platform provides both the opportunities to the learners. Individual or Group learning. Both are beneficial.A Learner can choose as per his requirement. Individual attention can be gained during this process.

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online German class
4.We do provide E- Learning across the globe. Location is not a constraint during Online learning process. This is one of the best thing about it. Click here and you can learn Free Online German. There are more than 100 Videos on our YouTube Channel. It is beneficial for all types of Learners. These Videos are from Basic to Advance Level. If you want to get Information about the Learning Levels of German Language read our blog.

5. Tools for Online Learning: There are many Applications and Software available for Online Learning. Zoom Application is very good for Mobile as well as Laptop Users. It is a user friendly Application. i have already made video about the Zoom Application. How it can be used and what are the advantages of this Application.

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Zoom classes
6. On Zoom Application one can use its free Trial version for 40 Minutes continuously after that you can restart the meeting. It is not a problem.But if you want to use it uninterrupted you may buy it. It is very useful and advisable to use the online Application not only for teaching purpose but also for video conferencing, or Other Official Meetings.40 -50 People can be joined together at one time on the Zoom App. For Teachers it is very useful because of its unique and user friendly features.

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video conferencing App

7. Essential Features: If we talk about the essential features of zoom App; it provides many useful features like- document sharing , URL sharing, google drive sharing, Screen sharing etc. For Teachers it is like Panacea. I must recommend you to once use it and enjoy your learning- Teaching Process.

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How to get German Certificate

                   How to get German Certificate ➽


Its very important to know- how to get German Language Certificate after finishing the language course.

When we talk about German language, certificate of GOETHE INSTITUTE is highly recognized worldwide. Needless to say that one has to appear for Goethe Exam at any of their centers globally. In India there are many centers in different cities.  For the details click here.

You can learn German from anywhere, but when it comes to obtaining a recognized Certificate, it is advisable to appear for Goethe Exam. U.G.C. affiliated University also offer Language courses, therefore it is also recognized.  Any other Institution which has a proper recognition or Approval from the concerned authority can be consider a VALID Certificate.



How to Prepare for Goethe Exams

How to Prepare for Goethe Exams

Firstly, one needs to be energetic, dedicated and highly motivated in order to pass the Goethe Exam at any level. Only doing practice just before the exams will not going to help you anymore. You need regular practice of 15 minutes (A1-B1 Level). But, if you don't do this , than you may face difficulty during the exam and must be under pressure.

Secondly, always do witting practice. Learn and Write. It's very important to learn and write the sentences. if you have a group of friends , speak with them the new words that you have learnt

Thirdly, improve vocabulary from day one. Learn Nouns with Article and more verbs. For beginners its necessary to learn more verbs, like: haben, sein, spielen, trinken,essen etc.

Daily Listening skills practice can do wonder for you. Listening skills requires regular practice for all the Levels. Doesn't matter what Level you are doing. Listening skills is an essential component of Goethe Exam. There is no wonder that mostly students loose marks in this.

Collect vocabulary for speaking skills and use them. It's very important to use the new words while speaking. Do Modal Test Papers available on the websites. For A1 it is very important to learn Question formulation and Imperative (Bitte satz) sentences. Picture is shown and you need to frame a sentence, might be in a request form or sometimes an Interrogative one.

Well Prepared Vorstellung (Introduction) is very useful. Maintain the fluency if possible while giving your introduction, as it's all about yourself and you are expected to speak in a flow without committing an mistake. It is key to get good score in Speaking skills.

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